• Professional Portrait Services

    A Professional / Corporate Portrait
    Why Take Business or Corporate Portraits?
    In the past, business portraits were largely used by executives,  but today most professionals need to have an online presence and will benefit from a quality corporate portrait.   LinkedIn, for example, now has over 300 million members from 200+ countries and states that professionals are signing up to them, and other social networking websites, at a rate of "more than two new members per second".


    A Personal Portrait
    For Social Networking, On-line dating services, and more! 
    Why take a personal portrait?

    Your primary profile photo can make a huge impact on how others perceive or pursuit you in both professional and personal matters such as dating.  For example: your facial expression, hair, clothing, and how you pose can determine how a person may feel when viewing your portrait. 

    A person, surfing an internet dating website, can make a quick visual assessment of you and label you as; inviting, charming, fun, serious, dull, generic, beautiful, handsome, interesting, etc....and then make a determination whether to stop and look further or simply ignore your image and pass you by for others.

    Personal portrait? - Do I really need one?...If you are showcasing a "Selfie", well then the answer is more than likely "YES".


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