• Commercial Photography Investment

    With over 150,000 URLs being purchased everyday, it's hard to make your website or paid advertisement stand out and get noticed.

    One very important element to helping your product or service stand out above your competition is the quality of the images being used.  Quality images will impress your potential customers and current clients when used in catalogs, direct mail campaigns, and of course, your social media channels.

    Professionally edited - both basic and premium image rates are very reasonable and services are custom to your business needs, such as website billboards, banners, merchandise promotions, for sale by owner, owner profile portraits etc. Contact me for a quote today.

    Premium Image Editing Services:

    Which image caught your attention 1st?  Was it the "BASIC" edited image on left or the "PREMIUM" edited image on the right?

    Ok, now humor me - just imagine you are a random consumer browsing on your smartphone, ipad, or computer, and you searching for a man's suit or a vehicle perhaps.  Which image do you think will grab your attention quicker and cause you to “pause” for a second and look closer...the basic or premium?...hmm it seems like a "no brainer" to me.

    This example just goes to show you that it can be critical for some business owners to think as a consumer when it comes to marketing merchandise or services on the web!

    “Premium Image Editing” is an additional service option beyond the basic image editing services.  Individual image rates for premium image editing start at only $20 and can increase based on the amount of time required - for example; change the background, erase objects, add objects, alter lighting effects etc.

    Image and Website Link examples below used for advertisements and website use:

    1. Aircraft Photography (Premium Edited Image) - Commercial images to promote "For Sale By Owner":

    2. Product Promotion Marketing - Perfume Product Promotion Campaign image:

    3. Music CD Photography - Promotional images for music artists:

    4. Resort Photography - Promotional photo series of interior and exterior at A Paradise Resort in Newaygo, Michigan.

    5. Service Promotion Marketing - Hair Studio Promotion:

    6. Fashion Editorial and Product Promotion photography at Elizabeth Halsey-48 Justice Flagship   Clothing Store in Newaygo, Michigan:


    7. Product Photography - Framed photograph to display at the Brew Department, located in Indian River Tobacco Traders

    Sherri Russell Website Digital Photography of Western Michigan - services the Newaygo, Rockford, Grant, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Spring Lake, Lowell, Grand Haven, Big Rapids, Fremont, Bailey, Casnovia, fruitport, Holton, Montague, Muskegon, Norton Shores, Ravenna, Twin Lake, Whitehall, Sparta, Belmont areas and beyond.
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